Tonight’s a special night, it is Rose’s last BYOI Youth Collective Show because she is now 18. She has been with us for four years now and we are sad to see her go. In a bit of “luck,” her Mom Linda is the FAM tonight. Linda teaches cooking, had chickens on a farm, walks her dogs and wants to visit the Coral Reef of Austrailia. The first game of the night was Fortunately/Unfortunately where George the chicken needed a ride home from his buddy’s wife which he paid for with a Golden Egg.

Next up was Chainsaw where a ballerina in an ice cream bar with a feather turned into ballerina on a farm with a bubble. Then in Debate Club, we learned about math in everyday life and how free computers are paid for with school taxes. In Short Cutz, dog purses have doggie poop holes and Paypal credit cards. Finally, in Sit, Stand & Lie Down, apple juice is really strong in small fridges.

And scene!