It’s Friday night and BYOI is here with Erich, Amy, Jonathan, Tim, Alan and Barbara for our Family Friendly show! Our FAM tonight is Fritzi who came with her daughters Shae (Snarky) and Aidan (High Maintenance). She also has a rag doll cat named cookie who is very official. She also has someone who lives close to her who is a parasite. She wants her house totally cleaned, a meal made of an entire pig and a gift card to Kohls. In our first game of FAM Reunion Fritzi is holding the toilet paper hostage and things just got smellier.

Next up in Helping Hands, there were travesties at the bacon festival with spitting. Then in Two-Headed Monster, the new cleaning crew may need more training. Timmy in the Well helped us find out that Cher got attacked by a swan at a diner. In Movie Critics, we saw a bacon western called Greasy Parasite where Mr. Fancy Britches brought kicklines to the crispy, soft and soft serve bacon off. In Spelling Bee we learned that sorbat is cold and not cold when frozen and coogflagrayshun is a word. Next up Try That On for Size brought us checking out boogers, rubbing bunions and Love Boat planes. We finished with Curtain Call where we weren’t fakin’ our bacon and ragdoll cats like to catch mice.

And scene!