Our second show in Newport was all about friends and family. People came in groups, and those groups were having a good time encouraging each other on stage and off.

We started the night off with a little FAM action. Joe came up and answered some questions about his favorite things. No, not raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Those are my favorite things. Joe loves basketball, peanut butter, and math. And his friends aren’t afraid to talk about him. Luckily, they only had good things to say about him.


Once we sang a song about the fabulous Joe, the show began with a short and snappy Short Cutz. The best intro of the night goes to Jon for an elaborate description of Alphabet that made the game sound so exciting that we sought to live up to. And we did! With help from the audience and some fantastic suggestions. Then it was time for some lying to the boss in Excuses, Excuses. And there was. Lying that is.

Does anyone not like Six-Pack? No? I didn’t think so! With help from Frank of The Bit Players, three scenes of increasing silliness and fun led the audience from a wedding gone wrong to Guatemala to a strange servant/employer relationship. Then whoosh! In the time machine we went for Back in my Day. We finished up the first half with Guacamole and four fantastic volunteers who helped us create a classroom that was taken over by Joe! our FAM.

Intermission. I’m sure stuff happened to people, but we were keeping our energy up and in the zone. We opened the first half with an energetic game of What are you Doing? Did I hear a bell? Hello, Dr. Pavlov. Welcome to the game we play that you inspired. Your game changing experiments with dogs led to a scene about farting and ear plugging. Progress. It’s on the menu.

Following Pavlov, the show kept it kicking. After a round of Rap Now! that took place in the saddest book store in the world, the audience got to find out what happens when an eternal optimist and an unrelenting pessimist meet in Fortunately/Unfortunately. We closed the night with Catchphrase and a rousing round of FAMily Parody sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s Piano Man.

It was our second week in Newport, and we’re having a great time at The Firehouse Theatre. Thanks, Jack and Donna!!

And thanks to Joe, his friends, and all the wonderful audience members who watched and played with us.

FAM and Friends!