Happy Star Wars Day! We had a fun themed night with Daniel, Jonathan, Ian, Josh, Our FAM was Saki! He doesn’t like Jabba the Hut, and hopes to not lose his hand in a light saber fight since he couldn’t hold onto railings. He loves Porgs and “The Empire Strikes Back” the most! FAM Greatest Hits had the cast singing about Yoda, Darth Vader, and the Empire.

Action Figures started off the show with Jonathan and Daniel trashing Mos Eisley. Stop in the name of Lucas! Freeze Tag had really tanning on Alderaan, toasty Anakin, and “Cooking With Porg.” Up next was Chainsaw! We started off with a tuscan raider at Vader’s gift shop with a pear cutting fork. It went way off track, with a shoe salesman or Porg hunter on the “Project Runway” or “Saturday Night Fever” sets with a Thanksgiving stuffed Porg.

Alphabet showed us the effects of climate change on planets where the tundra turned into the desert, while Krissy and audience member Abby were surrounded by At-Ats but didn’t know what they were. Because I Said So had Krissy learn all about “Star Wars,” before we ended with Highlander at the Porg cafe with different colored milks. Let’s get wild with Darth Josh!

And scene!