We finished off Star Wars Day with our late night show! Krissy, Daniel, Jonathan, Josh, Ian and Tim were once again on hand to make everyone laugh. Our FAM was Jodie!  She’s not a Star Wars fan, and came to the show with her friend Joseph. If she had a superpower, she’d like to move things with her mind. FAM Remake had our FAM as a space pilot, before the scene was redone as a western, and finally as a samurai film.

Tableau was a fun start, with a boat in salt water and a bank robberty. Lines From a Cup had a family visiting penguins, but all of the lines were “Star Wars” quotes. Up next was Pavlovian Response, at the diviest of dive bars. It had lots of screaming, charging, and beer.

Revolver showed us the beginning of a new children’s show, the beginning of life, and the end of a relationship. World’s Worst had the worst blue cow, common core math, and shoe ties. We followed that game with Follow That Action, where the interns observed, and everyone followed that droid! Finally, the night ended with Debate Club. We debated where to build giant space death machines, Jersey vs. Virginia, getting rid of matter, and Krissy’s toys.

May the Fourth be with you! And scene!