It is 7pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, time for our Family Friendly Show! On cast were Daniel, Erich, Barbara, Josh and Tim. Our FAM was Sarah, who is a RIC student studying English. She plans to be a publisher and editor, and would love to publish fantasy and realistic fiction. We started the night with a FAM Reunion. Artful cursive letters were crafted for Mom, empathetic and enthusiastic friends were enticed to express, and Bill (oh, boy!) blew his nose. Helping Hands brought us to Prom Preparations. Flowers were prepared, juggled and thrown. Hair was commented upon, fingers bandaged and boundaries broken. Two-headed Monster brought us to a college campus where the monster wanted more friends, and so they had to learn how to cook to impress them. Eggs were broken, the pheasant was dunked, tofu was suggested and angry birds was played.

Newborn had Daniel and FAM Sarah guessing that Daniel was Uganda Knuckles, Sarah was Mother Nature and their baby was John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. Movie Critics featured the film “High School Nostalgia”, a film about a boy named Timmy who found an alternate universe inside of a locker at school and expanded his soul. Because I Said So answered such questions as ‘Why do moms have to work so hard?” And “Why do birds have feathers?” We played a round of Try That on for Size next. Pimples were popped, figures were sculpted, pollen was spread, students were scolded, and bridges were guarded. We ended the show with a song for our FAM Sarah.

And Scene!!!