It is 9pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, and for our Late Night show, we had Erich, Josh, Barbara, Tim and Daniel. Our FAM was Hosie, a model and personal trainer who came here with his friend who is a designer. He is moving to New Jersey and doing an acting program for the summer in New York City. If he was eating cheese at a dairy farm, he would wear rain boots to do so.¬†We started the show with a Revolver with scenes inspired by bodies, evil New York City, “not married to you” and “Geriatric Navy”. Highlander came next, with cast member Tim winning in a scene about the fantastic cockroach ant farm held Harold the Arachnid until he was driven to rage and quit.

Pillars was next, with audience volunteers helping us to set the scene, Mad Libs style. Things got bad but we stopped the crisis with calamari. The asteroid video game hamster brought his phlegm. An epic round of Chainsaw followed, where somehow an ice cream man in Things Remembered with a mug became a grape peeler in a video arcade with a steam kettle. Typewriter allowed Josh to tell a story with an audience volunteer about Longing for Musical Classics with Death, farmers and a bumblebee. Story, Story, Die brought us back to New York City with a serial killer at the Chrysler Building with peanut butter sandwiches. In What Are You Doing, we painted, cut hair, gave birth, pet Llamas, played hockey and got a massage. Our final game was Sing It, where we performed a musical for our FAM.

And Scene!!!!