We had a very special birthday to celebrate during our late night show! Josh, Emily, Daniel, Barbara, Ian and Alan were joined occasionally by David and BYOI alumni Ally and Candice. Our FAM was Daniel! He just turned 40, and has been working hard on BYOI for almost 10 years now. He told us about the huge toy train set his dad built him when he was younger, and it sounded amazing! FAM Sing It had Daniel forcing the rest of the cast to sing a bunch of times as they did scenes about doing things the hard way.

Quickest Minute had Ian, Josh and Candice, where the farmer’s wife surprised everyone by killing everyone. Mick! John! Blargh! The Dating Game was next, where Barbara was Belgium, Alan was Daniel’s dog Jack, and audience member Rose played malicious tweezers. Lines From a Cup was a blast, as the cast quoted Daniel isms and broke the birthday boy a few times.

Questions showed us a divorce lawyer visiting his therapist, and popcorn was in deep space. But was it buttered? World’s Worst was next, with the worst lawyer, director, Mordor, curtain, and FAM. Action Figures had Daniel and Ian building a model train and maybe needing a chiropractor after it. The show ended with Curtain Call, with the current and former cast members singing together. Happy birthday, Daniel!

And scene!