We had a great show at the Warwick Center for the Arts for our 7pm Family Friendly Show. On cast were Jonathan, Alan, Audrey, Krissy and Emily. Our FAM was Sarah who loves cheesecake and works at Walt’s Roast Beef. She is a college student who wants to be a publisher someday. We kicked off the evening with a game of FAM Sing It! We found a Swiss Cheese Cake and had a blast but it was bad and got kicked into a clock tower. Quickest Minute was next: Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder foiled the villain posing as Alfred while hiding in the Bat Cave. Alphabet brought us to a pretentious book blogging session, Princess Headphones in a coffee shop, really big elephants and hairless Rapunzel. Pavlovian Response made Emily duck and check for bags when people cleared their throat, made Krissy speak a foreign language when anyone offered help, and made Audrey be as helpful as possible as long as no one was making eye contact.

Remake took the cast and volunteers on an epic journey where humans were smarter than they appeared, but that did not stop the aliens from losing their technology to a bumbling cause of self-destructing in the process of trying to capture them. Debate Club caused arguments about roast beef, the Cheesecake Factory, Nicholas Cage on Netflix and books that no one reads that cannot be proof because no one reads them. Action Figures took Todd to YouTube where he hit himself to be a hit and we got the point but not the pizza. We ended the show on a high note with Say It Again!

And Scene!!!