Our Late Night Improv Comedy Show was a blast with cast members Emily, Alan, Jonathan, Krissy and Audrey. Our FAM was Austin, who is Emily’s brother. He is studying Rocket Science in Florida and races homemade built go-carts. He likes to eat spicy food and his superpower would be meat vision. FAM typewriter brought us the story of Austin’s life, beginning with inquiries into the origins of the juice box, babysitting misadventures and French mimes running out of air in their¬†invisible boxes, and ending with crippling college loan debt.

Serious Scene was next. Lasagna and spicy meatballs, in memory of Papa, with delicious fries. Revolver’s scenes were Epic Breakfast, Achilles and Helen, Elves that were shelves, and Mother Russia/Papa¬†Smurf. Everything Emporium had Jonathan guessing that his customers needed Stethoscopes that travel in time, water that absorbs secretions and wings that keep the wearer on the ground. Krissy the Guidance Counselor helped a student with failing grades, a teacher who cannot stand kids with the stomach flu and a groundskeeper with a spaceship potentially crushing her topiary garden. She suggested copying off the smart kid, the teacher vaccinates all the kids with the same needle, and yelling at NASA to land somewhere else. Back In My Day, we didn’t have magnets: We used chewing gum to stick things, and could not find North. We did not have hammocks, so we swung from vines; we did not have bicycles, so Emily never learned how to ride and we did not have Dragons, but we had pushpins and glued feathers on dinosaurs. We finished up the show with a Debate Club!

And Scene!!!