BYOI started off June great family friendly show with Ian, Amy, David, Daniel, Tim and Emily! Our FAM was Andrew! He’s a college student who doesn’t drive, so he does a lot of nothing in West Greenwich. He likes to visit Narragansett Beach and is going to school for art. He explained this box/wall thing that sounded really complicated, but pretty cool. FAM Typewriter had the story of the inner machinations of Andrew’s mind. We met the captain of the chess club, the ripped dude, and the binge watcher. They met up at the fair to get doughboys, learned about inertia, and ended in the locker.

Serious Scene stacked marshmallows all the way to the ceiling–taller than Amy!–but they had to be chewed to be the most effective. Catch Phrase was fun as Daniel and David were joined by audience member Moses. The parent was getting frustrated, but thankfully everything tasted better with chocolate sauce. Press Conference had Amy as Tom Brady, who was very proud to announce that he had caught every Pokemon in the Pokedex.

Revolver had the worst police academy and Legos were everywhere. Next up was Famous Last Words! We learned about the lasts words of artists, the beach, a Muppet, and bread pudding. From there, we played Follow That Action. The incinerator was inspected, no kids were in the chocolate river, and world hunger was solved. The show ended with Sing It! Sleeping was a productive way to save on groceries, a son was clingy, and it was okay to be a lumberjack!

And scene!