Our FAM was Kelly! She likes improv, going to the gym alone to enjoy the peace and quiet. Swim aerobics are fun, but being around the lady who pawns her kids off on everyone is not. FAMily Reunion had Kelly coming in from gardening and dealing with her family. Free food for all of them!

Sit, Stand, and…Climb the Ladder/Wave Your Arms In Front Of You/Act Like a Squirrel started off the show! David and Emily were joined by audience member Jim. The home gym wasn’t dusted properly, but it was easy for working out! Say It Again had Tim, Ian and audience member Paul as cheerleaders getting ready to cheer for water polo. They were great at standing there and insulting the team! Excuses, Excuses was next, where Emily was late for work. She overslept, waited on a late trainer at the gym, and presided over a jaguar’s funeral.

Last Line, First Line had heavy lifting. Look at these waters! We’ll go to Cleveland and die there. Because I Said So was next, where we found out why people use protection, why there are different languages, and why there are green people. Because clowns! Fortunately/Unfortunately followed this, where Pinocchio was adopted by an oak tree and lifted off the ground by dental floss pieces. The night ended with Do Run, as the cast recapped the show in song.

And scene!