It’s 6pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, and our  May/June Youth Collective had an excellent second show! On cast were Aidan, Matthew, Jeffrey, Abby, and Shae. Our FAM was Karen, who wants to visit Australia and loves the color orange. If she was an animal she would be a sloth so she could sleep.

We started the game with a “Serious Scene”. We left the water in the car in Australia after driving into a cactus because we did not follow the signs but the lines. Press Conference had Aidan having to guess that she was Rhianna and she has created and English Muffin that makes people fly. Famous Last Words covered the last words of tacos, astronauts, money and sloths. Revolver had scenes about cooking Ramen, stealing cars, breakfast with Karen or not Karen, and sneaker sticker shopping. Sing it featured apologetic songs, songs about not being a dad to a sloth while at the zoo.

And Scene!!!