Our 7pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts and we had a great show! On cast were Erich, Audrey, Emily, Daniel, Amy and Alan. Our FAM was Zachary who is celebrating his 12th birthday. He loves math, and if he had any superpower he would be super fast. His favorite animal would be a zebra platypus hybrid. We began the game with a FAMily reunion. The birthday party was awesome but there was no zoo. There was chocolate cake, which dad thought was excessive, and the science teacher crashed the bash!

Sit, Stand and Lie Down brought us to a fishing boat in Maine. The fish were flying, the moon was a sight to behold, and the deck was slick. Centerpiece had our volunteers and cast rotating through scenes inspired by the words lakehouse, wood, Robin Hood and zebras. Friar Tuck was not impressed by the size of Little John until he got some perspective, the lions found the hiding zebra, the man with the chainsaw was not wearing a mask, and the woodpeckers were bored so they got helmets for their headache. For Timmy In the Well, Amy had to guess that Beyonce got hit by a ham in the freezer.

Say it Again brought us to Florida, where Grandma and Grandpa brought Missy to Sea World but she wanted to go to Arkansas. The basketballs on the walker were why grandpa was dribbling. Slogans introduced brilliant advertising for Oreos, cabbage, socks, sand and sardines. Fortunately/Unfortunately was next! Zachary helped his teacher with math during science class. We capped it off with a Busta Rap!

And Scene!!!