It’s 9pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, and on cast were Erich, Emily, Alan, Amy, Daniel and Audrey. Our FAM was Danielle, who teaches and is working on an English Ph.D. in Renaissance Drama, and wants to take a Shakespearean acting class. Her favorite play right now is Richard II and she wants to visit Disney again to ride Splash Mountain. We started the night off with a FAM revolver. The driveway became a sandwich, a wedding disaster made the bride dissolve into a soup of tears, the weapons were poorly wielded and the beverages were consumed. Sports Commentator brought us to the Hypnosis Olympic Championship. Clocks on strings and wasps made Dave obey and believe his pants were on fire.

Short¬†Cutz involved aquatic mammals who made horrid puns while attempting to pass a college class in a poorly executed Italian accent. Good Cop/Bad Cop made Emily had to guess that she ordered Chinese food made from dolphins at Caesar’s Palace with Milli¬†Vanilli. Lines from a Cup was next. Let’s take a cab to travel by moose since we fell and we cannot get up, but we prefer elephants instead. Freeze Tag entertained with Clark Kent and Superman, a bullseye, a magic 8 ball of marriage, and a dead redshirt. We wrapped up with a Do-Run!

And Scene!!!