It’s the first Wednesday of the month, so that means that BYOI is back in the Izzy Room at Hasbro Children’s Hospital with Jonathan, Audrey, David and our FAM, Natasha. Natasha love unicorns, Disneyworld, and talking to people.

Our first game of the night was Movie Critics, which found Audrey and David acting out “Natasha’s Emoji Spin Off”, we found that David is a natural Meh emoji and Princess Emoji Audrey doesn’t do well in space…the helmet messes up her hair. What Are You Doing found us doing yard work, petting a variety of animals, and lots of snazzy dance moves. Timmy in the Well involved Micky Mouse, losing his ears, on a roller coaster! Questions was up next, and we found out that Johnson is some kind of clown. David and Jonathan showed us their great board carrying skills during Action figures…as neither of them could find the water to actually surf! Our final game of the night was Debate Club, and Natasha and all of our friends in the Izzy Room joined us in a wonderful debate about food and being laugh-tose intolerant!

Then we had some more surprise guests join us as we were leaving, so David, Jonathan, and Audrey had an encore game and played Spelling Bee where we learned about cats, and saying good morning in other languages!

It was a great night full of much-needed laughter for everyone.

And scene!