Our 7pm Family Friendly Improv show at The Warwick Center for the Arts had Ian, David, Amy, Audrey, Krissy and Josh on cast, and our FAM was Linda who is the principal of a school for special education. Her favorite lunch to bring in is chicken and broccoli and fruits and veggies but really just coffee. If she could train a polar bear to do anything, it would be herding her pet cats. Our first game was FAM Revolver, with scenes inspired by our FAM, titled “Fetch the Cat”, “Arctic Fox”, “Motorcycle” and “Truly Terrified”. The Siamese Cat required special precautions, vegan fur was stunning to behold, but vegan cars not so much. Not to mention madcap minuscule motors and a captivating coffee crisis. Sports Commentator featured the grass cutting Olympiad. Power mowers were banned, the cows cut the grass but as long as the checks cleared they could win! Last Line, First Line highlighted coworkers, blender, and veggies/fruits. Brilliant Inventions could ship out by the millions! Chainsaw turned a mermaid  in the Chinese White House with Starbuck’s Coffee into a dancer on the set of the movie Ghost with an egg timer. Short Cutz proved that koalas actually do make good friends, and the cat’s meow was the Lion King at the potato farm in Poland. Greatest Hits brought a musical flair with Songs of the Truly Terrifying, like the 50’s rock classic…the Broccoli That Ate Cincinnati. Freeze Tag was energetic and exciting with blue water, zero miles, jumping bowling ball contamination, glowing security and innovative exercises in technology. We ended with a song for our FAM Linda!

And Scene!!!