Our 9pm Late Night Comedy Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts had a great cast with Krissy, Audrey, Josh, David, Ian and Amy. Our FAM was Rose, who is celebrating her 18th birthday. If she could give Josh a birthday gift, it would be a fancy guitar. If Josh gave her a gift, she would want a cow that hugs. She is going skydiving on Sunday and works at Target, where she spends all of her money. We began the evening with a FAM remake of Rose’s trip to Croatia, which was utterly disturbing in every way possible. Tableau brought us to Target, a shoe store, a moonlit drive with werewolves, an accountant’s desk, and a pumpkin patch. Sing It went skydiving, where we had musical numbers about jumping, charging camera batteries and painted backpacks, the expense of clown college, and poor landings. Interrogation Lineup had our culprits confess to cow tipping in a music store with cookie monster. Meanwhile, scratch and sniff stickers and clothing were not the best idea but the mannequins were live and HR was blind. We played Busta Rap next, and then The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. We wrapped up the evening with a song for our FAM Rose!

And Scene!!!