Our Family Friendly Friday show was Frightfully Funny! With a fast consisting of Daniel, Ian, Emily, Erich and Tim. Our FAM was Andrea, who is a full-time parent who loves embarrassing her child, youth collective member Matthew. She loves hiking and participating in circus sports 23 feet of the ground. She loves Fan Fics, has a doctorate degree, and speaks several languages including Acadian and Hebrew. We started the evening with a FAM Remake of Andrea’s life, “Only Up, Not Down…” As a crime drama, Sci-Fi film and Anime. Tableau brought us hiking in the mountains with a billygoat, a volcanic game of rock, paper, scissors and stargazing with Orion’s Belt. Lines from a Cup assured us that the cookie baker was healthy but he called to say he forgot. We played Dating Game next, and Erich had to guess that his choices were Aladdin, a toothbrush and a hot air balloon.

Sing It! Was a rousing musical with inspired and ingenious musical numbers such as “You Better Light the Fire”, “You can do it if you try or else” and “I don’t want to come near you.” Quick Scenes entertained with prepositions, illiterate archeologists and Alaskan igloos in Venice.   Good, Bad and Ugly brought us advice on shoe shopping, wrestling and befriending parrots. Our final game was Debate Club, where we argued about empowerment in your 20’s but it is character that counts and you should do more than 2 characters in improv when you are 46.

And Scene!!!