Our Late Night Comedy Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts was a Birthday Blast for our FAM Marcia, with Erich, Ian, Tim, Emily and Daniel on the cast. Marcia works in medical billing, enjoys strawberry cheesecake, would love to go to Vegas and someday might like to have a pet pit bull. Sing It featured whispering mammals, cheesecake and trying really hard to get excited. Trolley Stop introduced such characters as smoking gentlemen, detectives following trails, catty co-workers and paranoid future prisoners. Two-Headed Monster helped Harry find his wand. Daniel was Madam Zelda and he had to guess that Emily would get in a car accident this week, will swim with a shark and have a baby, and will wear two left shoes. Movie Critics was all about “Pit of Bulls”, a Sci-Fi film about lovers scorned and their lively adventures. Debate Club caused all kinds of arguments about honesty, cheesecake, inner peace, and A Christmas Story. Growing and Shrinking Machine had Hawaiian Beaches, works of art, exercise, dancing digit boogies and sensitive cookies. We ended the show with Highlander!

And Scene!!!