Welcome to the final Youth Collective show before summer break! We had a great show with Gussy, Abby, Matthew, Shae and Aidan. Our FAM was Amy! She loves the color magenta because it brings life to things. She came to the show with her daugthers, who wanted to see their friend in the cast. The family has a cool dog and an unknown number of goldfish!

The night started off with Tableau. We saw the dog’s ball thrown in the yard, the crumpled napkin at a restaurant, and the mess in Shae’s room. Next up was Chainsaw! We started with a baker in the desert with a butterfly net, and ended with a short order cook with an iron.

Sing It followed that fun game, where the dog made it up and down the slide. Thankfully, he had health insurance and ended up just fine. Debate Club ended the show, with the cast debating sisterhood. We learned about laziness, debt, and nocturnal teens.

And scene!