We had a great family friendly show with David, Tim, Emily, Amy, Daniel and Barbara to start off the holiday weekend. Our FAM was Abby! She’s part of our Youth Collective and is homeschooled. She loves that the order of classes changes, and in her free time she likes reading fiction books.

FAM Sing It! started off the show, with tasty cake made of random flavors. Trolley Stop had detectives, kitties, and Elmer Fudds. Meanwhile had al dente marshmallows, but they weren’t chewy enough. Books came from the Times, and the words in the trees were just syllables. Everything Emporium was up next, with Tim trying to sell strange things. Daniel needed his grandmother’s diaries on an old computer, Amy needed a perplexed sword, and Barbara needed a llama with anteater parts.

Two Headed Monster had a monster who ate books whole; especially the sequels! We followed that with Rope with rowing homeschoolers and only a few ropes. Growing and Shrinking had difficult family photos and flea circus intermission. The show ended in song with Do Run!

And scene!