We had another great show tonight with Amy, Barbara, Emily, David, Daniel and Tim! Our FAM was Aidan, who just graduated from our Youth Collective. She wants to go to Disneyworld someday, and she loved telling embarrassing stories of her sister, and of the time when Daniel embarrassed her in class. ¬†We’ve loved watching her grow up! Aiden and David hosted FAM Typewriter, which had a story of crazy dogs and their cones of shame.

Try That On For Size had a new arm, stress, and a velcro hat. Alphabet needed soul, had a terrible boyfriend, and Paul was lost. Next up, Amy was the therapist in Marriage Counselor. Tim believed he was a unicorn, Daniel was allergic to Fresca, and together, they hated their children Hansel & Gretel.

Pillars had a sock who just wanted to be supportive, the watermelon had problems, and finger meant so much. From there, we jumped to Famous Last Words, with the parting words of Jennifer Lopez, Minnesota, shoes, and Xanax. Highlander had Amy, David, Tim and Aidan’s mom Fritzi doing a frantic “Wizard of Oz” with Tim winning the game. The night ended with Irish Ditty!

And scene!