It is a Monday night and BYOI is out at a STEM camp at Brown University with Myself, Emily, David, Barbara and Tim! We had an extra long show tonight with two separate FAMs, Lauren and Dan. Lauren loves to sit around and read and thinks it is strange if you trip UPstairs. Dan enjoys Parenthood, yet does not enjoy teen drama. We began the night with Pillars where the National Yarn competition created a mess of floppy dolphins and tiny monkeys. In Try That On for Size, we swam all night and showed that we were fabulous! The Two-headed Monster only liked cleaning up burgers at Burger King and Quickest Minute gave us Cinderella in just 5 seconds. Timmy in the Well had Tim guessing that Neil DeGrasse Tyson got stuck in a garbage disposal on the moon. Action Figures showed us that it is difficult to make a pizza and Debate Club asked, “If Cinderella’s shoe with perfectly… how did it fall off?”

After a brief intermission, we were back with Remake asking which came first, the egg, the chicken, or the Western Omelette. Trolley Stop gave us Robots, Can You Believe it Girls and The Mystery of the Girl on the Bench. Centerpiece had David in four different scenes and he was shook… out of a tree. Chainsaw saw a Theoretical Physicist, in Wakanda with bread become, Grand Moff Tarkin in the woods with soda. Freeze Tag taught us that no ring is big enough for an engagement and Highlander taught us that Acid, Base and rock may cause cool kids to shake violently. Finally, we sang the group out with Curtain Call.

Thanks so much for having us again! We will be back in just a few short weeks!

And Scene!