We had a super fun family friendly show with Audrey, Krissy, Barbara, Daniel, Erich and Amy! ¬†Our FAM was Zoe! She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She’s reading a book about a princess superhero, likes playing Zingo with her sister Eliza, and going to the beach. If Zoe had superpowers, she said she’d like to have super vision, which she would use for evil. FAM Typewriter told the story of Princess Zoe and her Pusheen party.

Try That On For Size had eye makeup in the worst way, sausage making, and apparently not dinging Erich out! Pillars was next, with shirt buttons, shirt tie, and multi-tees, but not just tees. Excuses, Excuses was next, where Erich’s bus had a flat tire before he was attacked by a purple duck. If that wasn’t crazy enough, a meteorite fell to Earth and turned the season to autumn!

Alphabet had Cat Girl and her laser pointer, and we learned that you should always have treats on hand in order to summon Dog Boy. Audrey and Krissy lost their flower shop to someone with a cape, which didn’t amuse them at all. Up next was Slogans, with groaners about Chicago, the park, bread knives, toasters, and princesses. Highlander had our FAM Zoe helping out, where she was the valedictorian of the second grade! She’s gonna be a teacher someday! No cheating allowed! The show ended with Finale Song, with the cast singing a recap of the show.

And scene!