Another fun show was had with Krissy, Amy, Audrey, Erich, Daniel and Barbara during our late night show! Our FAM was Fritzi, who turned 44 today!! She’s a 5th grade teacher who is currently designing a camp. Fritzi likes gardening, and she’s the mom of two wonderful daughters, Shae and Aidan. She has a few people who bug her, like those who gossip or are miserable. FAMily Reunion had Fritzi at work where there was a child in the desk, the papers were being shredded for no reason, and staying out in the sun made you have to do paperwork.

What Are You Doing had a bunch of random things like making a souffle,┬ásearching for Mars on a telescope, undressing mole rats, and grading fifth grade. Centerpiece had sunflowers, the quadriatic cupid letters, and brownies in every cupboard. Everything Emporium had all of the things in Amy’s store! Erich was looking for a pencil that can only write in cursive, Krissy needed a gold coin that would turn her into a time traveler, and audience member Paul needed a worm with hiccups.

Questions was crazy, where rights were read, time with the therapist, questionable pills, and a newborn’s existential crisis. Famous Last Words followed this, with the end times of a dog, Marty McFly, Napoleon, and bleach. Next up was Quickest Minute, as Daniel, Barbara and a very brave audience member did increasingly frantic versions of Rapunzel. It was a blast! The night ended with Sing It! Princess Aidan stole a cow to become queen. However, the cow wanted to be queen instead!

Happy birthday, Fritzi!

And scene!