It’s 7pm on Friday and you know it is because Josh, Emily, Jonathan, David and Ian are here performing at BYOI! Our FAM tonight is Maureen who is a Career Services Officer at Harvard and her husband is an IT specialist. She enjoys writing a book about relationships that she hopes to become a play and then a movie. In FAM Reunion we saw Maureen at work where too many cute pictures were posted and that created assault with a shelayly.

In What Are You Doing?, we saw cooking with an Easy Bake Oven, playing the World Tea Cup and Yo-Yo Yoga. Then in Catch Phrase, we saw that unflavored Jell-O earns you more. Good Cop, Bad Cop had Emily committing the crime of picking strawberries at Logan airport with Minny Mouse. Next up in Questions we saw the wheel get invented and then unused. Spelling Bee gave us Hahvarrrrrrrrrhda where one of the old buildings was there for eons. We saw Beauty in the Beast where we put out Lumiere. Finally, in Irish Ditty, we type our reports in a pot.

And scene!