Happy Friday the 13th!! Spending the late night show laughing with Daniel, Jonathan, Josh, Emily, Ian and David was a blast. Our FAM was Liz! She’s a baker who is currently getting over an injury. She likes Celtic Magic, New York cheesecake, and her kitties, Ghost, CJ, Kitty Meatface, and Kevin Costner. The cast then serenaded Liz in FAM Welcome Song!

Action Figures started off the night with David and Josh auditioning for Riverdance and teaching us that pants pockets are in pants.  Guidance Counselor was very musical. Daniel was a ghost who was turning solid, our FAM Liz was dealing with puberty, and Jonathan was turning to clay. Excuses, Excuses had David late for work, but he didn’t know why! He ended up burning his breakfast, but then a tree fell on the roof of his house, before he ended up finding himself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Remake was a bunch of fun, with a three person version of “Labrynth” redone as a Western, 80s workout, and silent film. It was hilarious! Greatest Hits had songs about a beanbag chair, hot vinyl on legs, ottomans and empires, amd toxic waste. Emily deserves a medal! Serious Scene followed that great game, as the cast did a serious scene about Liz’s work injury. The night ended with an epic battle about dumpster cats in Busta Rap.  In the end, Emily was the master!

And scene!