It’s our second of three Monday night shows and this time we were at a local corporate event working with the companies H.R. department. We did a two-hour workshop followed by a show! Our FAM for the show was Elliana who is an intern, loves doing the quarterly narrative and loves her career choice. We began with Remake where we saw the “Disney” musical about the Twelve Dwarfs in the Muchkin HR Department.

Trolley Stop saw ballerinas a dancing and selfies at the right angle. Two-Headed Monster taught us that a career as a waiter can be difficult when setting up the glasses and silverware. Chainsaw had a Wellness Dude in the Galapagos Islands with a Drum become a Grave Digger in a dance hall with a baseball bat. Debate Club agreed that there should be a Semi-Annual Quarterly Report and Action Figures ALMOST got us into the Gym. Finally, one of the audience members, Kaylie won a Highlander that saved a young man from the ice pool.

Thanks so much for having us!

And scene!