We had a fun family friendly show tonight with Erich, Audrey, Amy, Josh, Alan and Tim. Our FAM was Marianne! She’s a retired receptionist who keeps busy with her 6 grandkids and going on cruises. She loves reading thrillers, and she happens to be Erich’s mom. FAM Sing It had a bright sunny day, the doors were unlocked, the Parallel Parking Mastermind showed up, and twirls were what Tim liked a lot.

Action Figures had Erich and Audrey paralyzed by fear as they tried to catch butterflies. They tasted like butter. From there, Centerpiece had Amy in the middle with kids for sale, frivulous feather purchases, and good dogs. Next up was Interrogation Lineup, where the food was served cold at Sydney Opera House with Wile E. Coyote. Oh no!

Remake had a curse breaker who then had to do it again with superhero groundhogs, before redoing it at the retirement home. Story, Story, Die followed that up, with the story of Elise the Cow. She moved to an unmarked country, and loved to make different kinds of cheese with vikings. She got her Blizzard for free in the Caribbean, and the coconuts opened up. The end! We then played Serious Scene, with avocados, enough of Taco Bell, and no appreciation for chihuauas.

The show ended with Say It Again! Zombies had a makeup tent, and rehearsed for a Michael Jackson musical.

And scene!