The late night show was a great way to end the night with Amy, Tim, Erich, Josh, Audrey and Alan. Our FAM was Josh! He makes tampons, and the cast had a blast with puns. He came to the show with his fiancee Ashley, and he is the proud dad of 2 kids. FAM Day In the Life had a demon child, a riddle, and fun at work.

Follow That Action started off the night, where whistles could be thrown, there was a snowball in August, and a girl was cold and female dog-like. Last Line, First Line had ze wine, and shopping websites were confusing. Good Cop, Bad Cop was fun! Tim ate expired food at a water treatment facility with Edgar Allen Poe.

Revolver had a couple who was lost, the clouds needed to keep water, and defective donuts had holes in them. Post It was next, with doctor+professional turf field supervisor, beach+ACI, escape artist+spatula, and phlebotomist+middle of the sun, among other crazy combinations. Sit, Stand and Lie Down followed this, with a frantic game plan. Finally, the cast sang a recap of the show during Curtain Call.

And scene!