Here we are again at Brown University for a second time this month at the STEM camp! Tonight’s cast was Jonathan, Tim, Emily, David and Myself and we had FAM’s Mia and Ty. They are both counselors at the camp, enjoy their jobs, miss home cooked meals and were recently discussing alien babies.

Our first game of Pillars found that Emily thought she ate her co-worker’s lunch, but discovered she had actually eaten samples of the experiments. Try That On for Size looking towards the sky and eating spaghetti. Two-Headed Monster discovered that wearing goggles can be difficult and painful, while in Timmy in the Well, we discovered that Tin-Tin had been bitten by a Shark, in an aquarium, in his house. The Quickest Minute gave us a rather generic Annie and Action Figures almost gave us letters to home. Then in Debate Club, the war waged on between cat and dog owners.

After a brief intermission, Remake taught us how not to make empanadas, Trolley Stop had a great raptor costume, and Centerpiece found new ways to shorten Pinocchio’s nose. Chainsaw took a Dancing Engineer at Buckingham Palace with a high heel shoe and turned it into a ballerina in a NASA lab with a sock. And finally, in Highlander, we saw all of Cinderella performed by Tim.

Thanks for having us again this year Brown!

And scene!