It is 7pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts and we had great fun at our Family Friendly Improv Comedy Show! On cast were Tim, Amy, Emily, David and Audrey. Our FAM was Ashley, who is a talented musician who plays Flute in high school band while in middle school. If she had all the money in the world, she would like to visit the Grand Canyon. FAM Growing and Shrinking Machine featured all things Ashley. We joined an instrument wielding child, a lip gloss swap, a Grande Canyon, still life apples, phone thieves and the mind of Douglas. Our FAM joined us for a game of Sit, Stand and Lie Down where Kerrygold Butter was at the end of the Rainbow!  Two-Headed monster was all about an experience in second-grade science class where we tested liquids and described them. Madam Zelda (Emily) had to guess that Daniel is going to have Banana and Strawberry pancakes tomorrow. Next year there is going to be a snowstorm in the summer, and an 8 legged shark will fight and be beaten by a mouse.

Revolver had scenes about Elementary School Science, Chair, Tying Your Shoes and Matching Socks. Sherlock Holmes had a tin of water, tube socks went to prom, the chair and parents were stolen and the fishing was not going well. Worlds’ Worst introduced the worst gymnasts, psychiatrists and shoe salesfolk. Follow That Action had bad mittens of goose feather at the medieval joust horse challenge sale.  We wrapped up the show with a game of Sing It for our FAM.

…And Scene!!!