Our 9pm Family Friendly show was a blast with a cast of Daniel, Tim, Amy, Audrey, David and our FAM Angela. We kicked the show off with a Do Run all about our FAM. Fortunately, Unfortunately was all about Ariel and the small fish woman. Boston tea and fish market macaroni smelled rotten but were hard to understand through the water. Lines From a Cup was a day in the life of the expecting pepperoni surgeons who stop, drop and roll. Interrogation Line Up had our cast have to guess and confess that they committed the crime of loitering while eating mac and cheese in a muffin at Chuck E Cheese’s with Nikolai Tesla who holds an Elmo Doll. We played Say it Again next: Oranges were in icy bran muffins but it didn’t hold water. Quick Scenes brought us Lizzy McGuire, Trash, pizza every day and Santa’s Lying Cookies. Sports Commentator covered the Remote Battery Changing Olympics where the AAA’s were switched with the AA’s and use 9volt battery testing kit. Carol Ann got trapped in the TV but everyone was a winner!

We ended the evening with an epic argument in Debate Club!

…And Scene!!!