We celebrated our TENTH birthday at the family friendly show with Daniel, Josh, Ian, Jonathan, Erich, and Emily. Special visitors Meredith and Kennedy also were on the cast!

Our FAM was Beth! She loves traveling, especially to Vermont. She came to the show with her kids, and would like to save the world with comedy. FAM Welcome Song started off the show, with the cast singing to Beth!

Action Figures started off the night, with a special appearance from our former cast member, Paul!! We only had frozen meatballs; oh no!! Remake showed us the story of Goldilocks. We needed the property to meet certain standards, then it turned scary with invisible paint and a dark closet.

Pavlovian Response became Pavlovian Pillow Fight when our cast were given pillows and triggers to make them hit others with a pillow, such as moving thier heads, sitting, or using the letter R. Catch Phrase was fun! The bathroom was nowhere to be found, and groceries were needed. Greatest Hits featured such as “Put that Down and Give Me What’s in my Goodie Bag”, “Oops I Dropped my Birthday Cheesecake”,  “I Cannot Blow Out the Candles” and “Musical Chairs”.

Follow That Action celebrated a birthday with cake and a trampoline! There was a surprise marriage, a blank check, and a visit to Cabo. Finally, our FAM Beth had fun making the cast sing during Sing It!

And scene!