We’re back to celebrate our 10th birthday! Daniel, Erich, Ian, Emily, Josh and Jonathan were once again joined by special guests Kennedy and Meredith. We had special guests in the audience as well: our first door person, Tom, and our very first audience member, Mary!

Our FAM was Daniel! Surprise! Every current and former cast member at the show asked him a question.

FAM Growing and Shrinking started off the show with dialect class, really big shoes, and so much stuff on nails. Sit, Stand and Narcolepsy was a blast! Josh and Emily were joined by Ethan, where there was a rare Jar Jar and invisible glass. Dust was for everyone in Centerpiece. We also had a creepy clown, shared cheese balls, and Erich enjoyed being Erich. Up next was my favorite game, Chainsaw! We had an embalmer where Benny’s used to be with a hot weiner. Along the way it turned into a beligerent traffic cop at Mr. Miyagi’s studio with a typewriter.

Construction Callout had everyone making things like a helicopter, unicorn, plane and turtle! From there, we jumped to Debate Club! We learned that Daniel doesn’t think, Meredith was disturbed by hot things, and wives and moms were in the audience. Serious Scene took place at the Diagon Alley Home Depot, and it took years to master a wand. The final game of the night was Curtain Call, where the cast was joined by current cast members David, Alan, Audrey and Tim, as well as alumni Paul and Candice.

With this, the blog is done. Thank you to everyone who has read, and I’d like to offer a super special thank you to everyone who came to celebrate. We enjoyed so much cake! Be sure to follow our social media for show recaps in the future.

And scene!