BYOI – Uncomfortable Chocolate

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We bid adieu to our friend Meredith tonight! Thankfully, we had Jonathan, Ian, Josh, Barbara and David on stage with her. Our FAM, of course, was Meredith! She’s from New Hampshire, and joined BYOI a very long time ago. She’s not a fan of squirrels, but loves owls and their unmoving eyes. Meredith is going on to be a teacher and start working on her master’s degree. FAM Greatest Hits had songs about spunkety spunk, too much ice cream, and horrible Ohio! There was a surprise appearance by Candice in The Quickest Minute, as she performed an increasingly manic “Frozen” with David and Barbara. Next was Sing It, with the creepy friend who couldn’t find love but had crazy adventures at school. Chainsaw had a goat milker at the DMV with a chinchilla! Almost everyone, including Candice and audience member Kate, thought the chinchilla was a kitten.

Two Headed Monster had Meredith and Ian slowly licking a Tootsie Pop, much to the chagrin of Josh. Thankfully, it had two mouths, so it could maybe go faster. Because I Said So taught baby Meredith about the scary economy, making puppies and kittens get along, and why mom is cute. This was followed by Serious Scene, with squirrelly squirrels! Hooray!

BYOI – Pop Musical

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Happy November! We started off the month with Meredith, David, Jonathan, Josh, Barbara and Ian at the Warwick Center For the Arts. Our FAM was Katherine, who is a freshman in high school in Providence. She likes forensics class and would like to visit Australia. The cast then serenaded Katherine in FAM Welcome Song.

Trolley Stop started off the show with marathon Chipotle eaters, toddlers and detectives, among other fun characters. Alphabet had a bad singer, sassy royals, and a child demanding a trip to Disney World. Timmy In the Well had Jonathan trying to help Oprah after she got stuck in quicksand in Anarctica.

Guidance Counselor was a bunch of fun, with Meredith giving advice. Ian lost his lunch at the circus, Barbara really wanted a human litter box, and Josh dyed his chest hair blue. Spelling Bee taught about the best most favorite meal, lunch! The cast was joined by youth collective member Juan, where they also spelled and defined words like paparazzi, ostentatious, and some hard German word Ian came up with. Growing and Shrinking had Meredith in peril, fencing, and a symphony. The cast finished up the show with Curtain Call, where they recapped the show in song.

And scene!

BYOI – Pickles and Soda

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We started off the last Youth Collective group for the year with Rose, Emmie, Aidan, Juan and Luke! Our FAM was Moises, who is a friend of Aidan and a senior in high school. He loves jazz and funk, and would like to go shopping in Italy when he’s made it.

Trolley Stop had musicians, timid teens, texting gossipers and snappers. Chainsaw had a dogfood taste tester at Family Dollar with a pool noodle. Not sharks! Catch Phrase was next, where soda and pickles went really well with computers. Curtain Call ended the show with geckos and the grocery store.

And scene!

BYOI – Underwater Meercats

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Here we are at the Izzy Room tonight with Audrey, Alan, and myself. Our Fam tonight was Dante and his grandmother Cathy. He loves giraffes and strawberry ice cream.  Cathy’s favorite book to read is the Bible and she loves monkeys. We started with Fam Sing It. A trip to the zoo led to underwater meercats and the fact that they were far happier in a water tank than in a hole in the ground. Action Figures had Alan and Audrey making and fixing shoes in a cobbler’s shop. Alan was arrested for stealing strawberry’s from a farm in Las Vegas with the help of Elmo during Good Cop/Bad Cop. All of the cast along with several volunteers took part in Questions, Only starting at a pizza shop. We closed with Try that on for size with a number of volunteers helping the cast trip the lawn among other tasks.
And Scene.

BYOI – Bodies, Not Candy!

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BYOI is once again at the Rhode Island Theatre Conference and having a blast. We are here with Erich, Barbara, Emily, Myself and our 1001st FAM Abram from Cumberland High School. Abram likes Legally Blonde the Musical, works at Domino’s and likes toffee. We started off with Sing It at his job where fairy fluor dust in the eyes can make anyone like that pizza.

Next up was Pillars where a Mom and her son were scared the house owner might through more Sugar Daddies at them. Timmy in the Well had Morgan Freeman, slipping in the desert and Freeze Tag had witches luring kids into traps with candy. Debate Club taught us that Trunks are for bodies and that there is no flour in pizza. Finally, in Highlander, I was forced to deal with my bleach blonde hair.

Thanks once again to RITEC for having us.

And scene!

BYOI – He’s Got Code (1,000th FAM!!)

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We’re back for a very special show with Daniel, Meredith, Ian, Erich, Jonathan and Audrey! Our ONE THOUSANDTH FAM was…John! John is a supervisor in IT, and he loves harassing Erich at work. He’d like to visit Easter Island, and he came to the show with his family. FAM Greatest Hits had a metal song about the Easter Island statues, a country song about being in IT, and a blues song about hardened arteries.

Try That On For Size started off with dodgeball, abstract art, difficult tupperware, Shakespeare thumb biting, and unicorns! Pillars had the window to Daniel’s soul and dumb pigs. Up next was Chainsaw, with a stripping fireman at the basement of a flamingo farm with a solar powered pogo stick. Not Britney Spears at pigeon coup with a jackhammer. However, Audrey was a superstar and figured out the object!

Alphabet took place in church with a bunch of different names for the devil. We also learned that xylophones were invented by Jesus. Hallelujah! This was followed by Word’s Worst! We learned about the worst nurse, locksmith, smurf, mad scientist, pumpkin, and stress ball. The night ended with Highlander, where the cast did a scene about brainwashing the IT guy. In the end, Daniel had to perform all 4 times. He closed out the show with the super news that our old friend Alan is coming back to the BYOI cast! Yay!

And scene!

BYOI – Grandma’s Purest Chicken

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We had a spooky family friendly show with Daniel, Jonathan, Ian, Meredith, Erich and Audrey at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Our FAM was Juan, who is a high schooler and part of the Youth Collective. His social studies teacher likes to critique everything and starts the day. Juan’s grandma is staying with him and makes the purest chicken. Scary FAM Day in the Life had fresh Juan, floating grandma, and the biggest little dog.

Monster Trolley Stop had the relection in the mirror, Cookie Monster, Bob Barker, a werewolf, and a talking mime. Two Headed Monster had a mattress store employee who was ripping the tags off the merchandise. He was the worst employee ever. Chainsaw was crazy, with an adorable little child princess in Juan’s wardrobe, with a jack-o-twinkie. The cast and audience volunteers veered way off, thinking it was a beauty pageant queen or lounge singer at the closet or shoe store, with an iPhone or can of Spaghetti-O’s. Horror Movie Catch Phrase had Jonathan, Audrey and audience member Adam wondering what was behind that door and if Adam was alive.

Famous Last Words had the end of a can opener, Oscar the Grouch and a fireman. Helping Hands had Ian and Erich helped by Alan and audience member Karen. They were seniors getting early dinner. It had slimey butter, stolen rolls and free mints. Curtain Call recapped the show in song, especially how great our FAM Juan is!

And scene!

BYOI – Monster!!!

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Our 6pm Youth Collective Halloween show featured Carolyn, Jeffrey, Rob and Matthew. Our FAM was Adam, who came dressed as Big Nazo character Snortimer and answered questions in character. His favorite pastime is hiding under the bed and his favorite monster besides himself is Frankenstein. Tableau brought us to a bear’s spooky cave, had us singing in a shower, and going to the movies. Newborn had Carolyn and Jeffrey had to guess that they were a werewolf and Easter and they had a baby that was legos. Our Youth Collective members argued about how mad we had to get in Debate Club. A calculated decision does be foul play instead of triple brought us jibberish as a culture. The textbook of languages was too big, and STOMP!

Revolver spun scenes about a permanent trip to Africa with Billy and his mom, pennies on the floor missed by the neck of a giraffe, piles of pickles and the Doctor. Then the Youth sang a Do Run to wrap up the show!

And Scene!!!!

BYOI – Secret Mall Sauce

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And we are back for a second show with Erich, Emily, Barbara and myself here at the Warwick Mall! Our FAM for the second show was Logan, who was here to pick up a late birthday present and who wanted to own his own mall. We started off with Pillars where the mayo had been left out for a few days and the salsa was made fresh!

Then we moved on to Trolley Stop where we had chickens, kittens and howling wolfs. Next up was Highlander where Emily was a very picky cat and made everyone agree that they needed a dog. Busta Rap had Barbara winning once again and freeze tag had Erich’s daughter up in the air. In Action Figures, Erich and I struggled to hit Target with a bow and arrow and sing it had us building the perfect racing uniform.

Thanks again for having us Warwick Mall!

And scene!

BYOI – Snotty Mummy

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BYOI is at the Warwick Mall today for our first of two shows! We are here with Erich, Emily, Barbara and myself and our FAM David! David has a brother, wants a pretzel and will be Scream for Halloween. For our first game, Pillars, I was tied up in a yoga pretzel and had the comfort of my Teddy Bear Bill.

Next up was Trolley Stop where we visited Seekank and zombies needed condiments with their brains. Highlander found me unwinding a Mummy to blow my nose and attacking a vampire with a bat. Barbara won Busta Rap and then we had a fashion killing robot and a third-grade marriage proposal. Action Figures saw a Trick or Treat go wrong and we finished with Sing It at the “Desert” shop with ice cream and sand.

One more show coming up at 3pm. See you then!

And scene!